Nic’s Keto Diet can’t solve every problem in your life – some damage from the past cannot be undone – but If you have previously had an unhealthy lifestyle, it can certainly help you have a better future.

Weight Loss

When you eat carbohydrates, your digestive system breaks these foods down and releases the resulting sugar (glucose) created into your bloodstream in large amounts.

Any carb intake results in rising blood sugar and the release of insulin, a pancreatic hormone that manages blood sugar. 

If you instead eat mostly fat and protein and severely restrict carb intake, over time, your cells will switch metabolic pathways and burn stored and dietary fat as a primary energy source.

Mental Clarity

Weight loss aside, for me the best thing about being on the keto diet is the mental clarity it brings. Mine is a fast-mimicking diet, which means that it gives you the benefits associated with fasting without you actually doing it.

When I am in ketosis, I sometimes feel I have access to what I call the fourth dimension, a state in which I have an overview of everything that is going on that is qualitatively different from anything else I have experienced. 

I don’t particularly advocate trying to achieve high ketone scores – for my diet to work, all that matters is that you go into ketosis – but if you do get into that zone, in my experience it’s like flying on a cloud. Your head is so clear and your body so light that you feel you can travel across time. I have always been struck by how many of the philosophers and great religious thinkers went in for fasting, including Christian Monks, Hindu and Buddhist teachers. When politicians assemble to make major decisions, I think it would be a very good idea for them to be on keto diets! 

Maybe the hunger that comes first will make some more compassionate and the follow up ketosis more visionary. One thing needs to be born in mind though. To get fat, you need time. To ruin your mental clarity, one ill-advised meal is enough.

Mental Health

Losing weight definitely has a beneficial effect on the mental wellbeing of those who were previously obese. It stands to reason that people are going to feel better about themselves if they make improvements to a condition that is so obviously detrimental to their health. When I was big, I used to worry constantly that I had cancer. If you’re fat, you suffer from all sorts of aches and pains, and these provide food for the worrying machine. And if your head is sick, you tend to eat more. It’s a vicious circle.

More research needs to be done, but it seems very likely that keto has a beneficial effect on depression and helps to prevent it occurring.

This is certainly my experience. Fasting for extended periods is different. If you don’t think positively while you are doing it, you can get depressed as the experience of not eating can create anxiety, which will feed negative thoughts if you are not careful.

Increased libido

One of the biggest bonuses of the keto diet is its effect on your sexual performance. Let’s face it, nobody minds functioning better in that department. If you fast for a week, you probably will have a problem with your libido but the opposite is true with intermittent fasting.

I don’t want to give too much away here, but in my direct experience, it can turn a three-minute man into a twenty minute one.