C8 MCT-POWDER Hot Chocolate


The C8 MCT-POWDER HOT CHOCOLATE with Acacia fiber for instant and sustained energy, increased endurance and mental focus.

Clean formula with prebiotic fiber promoting a healthy gut. Free from all kinds of additives. We use MCT-oil with 99% C8 (caprylic acid) for more powerful energy.


  • Instant & lasting energy
  • Sharper brain function & focus
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Increased satiety between meals
  • Supports weight loss & weight control
  • Speeds up transition into ketosis


C8 MCT-oil (caprylic acid) from coconut, acacia fiber, cocoa powder, erythritol, steviol glycosides. Gluten free, dairy free, vegan.

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MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides which means medium length fatty acids and is a a form of healthy fat mainly found in coconut. It is one of the best, most bioavailable forms of energy for your body and brain because of their shorter length and therefore quick absorption.

MCT’s are often used by athletes who needs instant and sustained energy to boost their performance and improve endurance during a tough workout. MCT’s are also very helpful for weight management, assisting to keep blood sugar levels stable and control appetite by increasing the feeling of fullness.

Perfect to curb cravings between meals with MCT-powder. MCT-oil also improves gut health and reduces inflammation, fighting off harmful bacteria while preserving the good bacteria in your gut.

MCT 100% derived from coconut. Super clean formula with prebiotic Acacia fiber and no fillers.

A super clean MCT Powder with only MCT-oil extracted from coconut and prebiotic Acacia fiber promoting a healthy gut. That’s it. No cheap fillers or other additives which we often find in most of the MCT powders on the market today.

To make it even more powerful the MCT oil we use consists of 99% C8 (caprylic acid). This is a fatty acid found in coconut with the most optimal length for the body to quickly absorb it and instantly convert it to energy.

Most MCT-powder brands on the market uses a mix between the fatty acids C8 and C10 (a little longer chain than C8) because its cheaper. 100% C8 (caprylic acid) is typically preferred as it converts to ketones (energy) far more efficiently than C10 fatty acids.

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Add 1-2 spoons to your coffee, shakes, hot milk or other drinks whenever you need an extra energy boost.


Calories: 60
Fat: 5,9g
Carbohydrates: 0,19g
of which sugars: 0g
Fiber: 1,9g
Protein: 0,6g
Salt: 0,01g


Erythritol is a natural sweetener (sugar alcohol) with a similar taste and 70% of the sweetness as sugar. Erythritol does not affect blood sugar levels as it has a Glycemix index of 1.

Erythritol occurs naturally in a variety of foods such as grapes, mushrooms, pears and watermelon and in some fermented foods and beverages like beer, cheese, sake, soy sauce and wine.

Erythritol should be consumed in moderation. If you consume very large amounts you may experience digestive issues.


Acacia is a natural prebiotic fiber derived from the sap of the Acacia tree. It's a powerful superfood that feeds our healthy gut bacteria and supports your body's digestive health, which is the foundation of a healthy body.

Acacia fiber is great to include in your diet for many everyday health benefits. Especially to promote a healthy microbiome.

Your microbiome (gut bacteria) is the trillions of live bacteria living in your body and these organisms are crucial to our overall health. Researcher are starting to understand just how much of our health is starting in the gut and how important it is to keep it healthy and flourishing.

Our Microbiome can be compared to a garden where the beautiful flowers are the good bacteria and the weed is the bad bacteria. To stay healthy we need to grow the flowers and minimize the weed. In other words we need to feed the good bacteria and minimize the bad.

To grow our healthy bacterias in the gut we need to give them plenty of nourishing food (prebiotics=soluable fibers) and Acacia fiber is the holy grail of prebiotics.

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