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Our Top 3 Keto Training Courses

Keto Online Training Courses

The Nutrition Network is an education, connection and learning platform founded by The Noakes Foundation in partnership with an esteemed team of doctors and scientists. The platform has been designed exclusively for medical practitioners across all disciplines, covering the latest and most up-to-date science and research in the field of Low Carb Nutrition.

The Nutrition Network has been accredited by The CPD Standards Office, and have been assured that the accreditation is recognized and respected internationally. Formal CPD Standards certificates are issued and accepted in a multitude of countries and across all professional sectors.

Nutrition Network Advisor Training

This course is developed to provide you with the latest, evidence-based science and research in low carbohydrate nutrition, as well as essential coaching and motivation-driving skills to help get your clients the results they’ve been fer! 

On completion of the course, participants will be issued with a Certificate of Completion. Completion of this training ensures your eligibility into other Nutrition Network trainings.

Professional Training in LCHF

Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment

The Nutrition Network presents the most up-to-date and evidenced-based science and research available, in the field of low-carbohydrate, healthy high fat nutrition (LCHF). The platform is aimed at medical and allied health care professionals across the globe, to inform and support their knowledge of the LCHF diet and its implementation into clinical practice.

The course is presented as a series of online, self-study, learning modules and has been specifically designed for medical doctors, registered nurses, dieticians, nutritionists and certified Health/Wellness Coaches.

The training is worth 23 CPD (Continued Professional Development) hours.

LCHF for Dietitians

Presented by national and international medical and allied healthcare experts in their field, on a range of topics related to LCHF nutrition and its implementation into clinical dietetics and nutrition practice. 

The course is presented as a series of online, self-study lectures that includes topic outline, learning objectives and lecture summary, expert speaker presentation, downloable resources and quiz to assess what you’ve learned. 

On completion of the course, participants will be issued with a Certificate of Completion. The training has been accredited by the CPD Standards Office and is worth 25 CPD points